10 Minute Meditation You Can Do Anywhere


Best Meditation Techniques for stress relief | ఒత్తిడి ని దూరం చేసే ధ్యానం ఇలా చెయ్యండి. Meditation is a very simple thing…


  1. Hi, phanideep Garu.. your journey of life is so inspirational. The words or tips you gave to your brother Sandeep is Awesome. Great work. When I get demotivated or stressed the first thought in my mind is Telugu geeks. But still has so many questions or doubts in my mind.

    Please keep surprising and inspiring with your videos.

  2. nenu oka Organisation lo yoga course chesanu, regular ga yoga chesevadini, varsham vastunna gudugu pattukoni mari vellevadini. kaani mem velli place koddirojulaki unavailable ayyesariki intlone chesyyalsi vachindi, ANTHE ika appatinunchi postpones tho light ga ala ala nenu levalekapotunnanu, edaina salaha ivvagalaru. thank you for your valuble videos boss…!


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