Kova in 5 minutes-Instant kova recipe in Telugu-Mawa in 5 minutes -milk powder kova recipe in telugu


In this video of instant kova recipe here it is a process how to prepare kova within 5 minutes at home .Usually we use full cream milk to prepare kova. It is a lengthy and time consuming process very hard to follow, but alternatively we may use milk powder instead of full cream milk to prepare kova.Even it is made up of milk powder in taste and in texture it will not vary with that of prepared with milk.The process narrated here in this video is very easy even be prepared by beginners. This can be used in the preparation of sweets and halwa to add more taste to the dishes.Here we required only 2 ingredients one is Boiled milk and the other one is milk powder.As per the quantity specifications half cup of boiled milk is enough comparatively with the quantity of milk powder that we have taken.




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